About Us

Greig Morrison & Company Ltd. is a boutique technology consulting firm located in Kanata, Ontario, Canada.

We deliver Managed Services, IT Consulting, Voice & Data Connectivity, Productivity Software, Technology Lifecycle Management and Cloud Services.

Established in 1997 to assist clients with their investment in technology, our IT support services are designed around a combination of on-site and hosted technologies that deliver fortune 500 class IT for small and medium-sized companies. We design and implement enterprise computing solutions and manage critical systems that drive competitive advantage to improve business performance. Our aim is to leverage technology as a strategic asset for your organization.

  • Client Focus
  • From the products we provide to the services we deliver; we seek to continually understand and serve the dynamic needs of our clients.

  • Long-Term Business Relationships
  • Building a long-standing collaborative relationship with our clients, we follow through on our commitments as promised. We are your technology partner with a long-term outlook.

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • We support the needs of client organizations day-to-day, when and where it is needed. To us, our client's success is the most important aspect of our business strategy.


We take pride in our years of exceptional client service and aim to deliver innovative solutions that exceed your expectations.

IT Infrastructure

All of your hardware, software, networks and facilities depend on another. Our Approach is help companies to enhance and add value to their business in a proactive manner.

Backup Solutions

3-2-1 best practice for a backup and recovery strategy to ensure that there is no single point of failure and that your data is safe from disasters such as fires and floods.

Managed IT Services

Our personal and customized services are based on the needs of your business, including technical support, maintenance, design and setup of IT assets, and more.

Technology Integration

Solving business challenges through the integration of technology; we bring a whole company approach to every project.

Cloud Solutions

The Technology of the Future; Cloud computing includes solutions to make your IT infrastructure more agile, scalable, and flexible.

Network Security

Reducing risk and liability against cyber threats is a must in today’s IT world along complying with regulatory requirements and fiduciary responsibilities.

Why choose us?

We deliver peace of mind in providing outstanding service and proactive IT solutions.

At Greig Morrison & Company Ltd., we have a steadfast belief that technology must align with, and enhance, your business objectives.

We provide enterprise class business focused IT management and solutions for small and medium businesses. Our proactive IT management and support framework will optimize your technology investment and maximize productivity.

Our Culture and Values

We are innovators first, business-people second and are constantly innovating and refining our service with care and focus.

Family Owned and Operated

Our family touch, coupled with technical excellence, permeates our entire culture; along with our dedication to providing premier IT solutions and support to our clients.

Industry Leading Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with some of the leading names in the industry, gives you access to the best solutions available today.